Non-profits I work with


East End Cares

A facebook based volunteer network I run out in the Hamptons.  


Salaam Cultural Museum

Helping with the biggest refugee crisis since World War II.  Working in Jordan and Greece.  
Lovely people, helping to ease suffering.


Team Rubicon

Disaster Relief that gives veterans new purpose as volunteers.  Mad skills, passion and efficiency.


SOS Children's Villages

Secular, culturally respectful, orphanages around the world that operate as villages with education,
health and a ‘family’ home model. 



There is no cardiac care in Haiti, it doesn’t exist.  This group run by US based incredible doctors and in coordination with a network of grassroots orgs, saves kids lives who have heart defects and diseases.  Amazing.



Former pro surfer Jon Rose and volunteer ‘filter couriers’ bring life sustaining clean water filters all over the world.
 Simple, brilliant and important.



I had the privilege to work on their NYC campaign – these peeps are truly dedicated to providing reproductive health care to all.
Now more than ever they need our support.


I am a proud board member of this wonderful org that educates and empowers around domestic violence.  
Great group, making a difference.



Grassroots ocean and beach protectors with a global network– anyone who loves the sea and beach should check them out.